Welcome to Loudmouth Snacks!

We are a small snack brand based in Washington State that brings unexpected flavors to everyday snacks. Our first two products are spicy shortbread cookies: the Cumin & Green Chili shortbread and the Chocolate & Ancho Chile shortbread.

Our Cumin & Green Chili shortbread is an homage to South India's iconic Khara Biscuit. Inspired by the Iyengar community of Bengaluru, this shortbread infuses the vibrant flavors of cumin and green chili with subtle notes of ginger and curry leaves. This shortbread is a crave-worthy blend of sweet and spicy.

Our Chocolate & Ancho Chile shortbread is a tribute to Mexico's beloved Mole. Inspired by the ancient roots of xocolatl (the Aztec term for chocolate), this cookie combines our Fairtrade cocoa with smoky ancho chile, sweet cinnamon, and vanilla for a flavor-packed delight.

At Loudmouth Snacks, we believe in using only the best ingredients. We use fresh flour from regeneratively grown local grains, pure butter, real sugar, and premium spices. We don't compromise on quality, and we don't use artificial or natural flavors, bleached or enriched flours, seed oils, or artificial sweeteners. We cater to those who appreciate real food made with care.

Why the name Loudmouth? While 'loudmouth' may have a negative ring, we see it as a symbol of being unapologetically true to oneself. We champion courage in a world where many hold back to avoid conflict. Our name reflects the inner spirit that longs for the honesty of speaking our minds, even when it's tough.

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